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Gembird Wireless AC USB Adapter 1300Mbps WNP-UA-1300

Specifications – Type of communication wireless – Interface: USB 3.0 – Standard: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11a/ b/ g/ n/ ac) –

Gembird Wireless N USB Adapter 300Mbps High Power WNP-UA300P-02

Features – High power USB WiFi adapter, 802.11b+g+n – Speeds up to 300 Mbps: watch online movies and stream music

Lanberg USB Type-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Specification – Connector: USB-C 3.1 male, RJ-45 female – Chipset: RTL8153 Data transfer rate – Ethernet up to 10 Mb/s

Tenda Powerline AV Adapter P200 200Mb/s Kit 2-Pack

Hardware Features Standards – IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802./3u – HomePlugAV – Interface: 1*10/100M LAN/WAN (interchangeable) port – Button: 1* Pair/Reset

Tenda Powerline AV Adapter PH3 Gigabit 1000Mb/s 2-pack

Specifications – Electricity rate: 1000Mbps – Network Interface: 1* 10/100/ 1000Mbps adaptive LAN – Standard protocols: AV2 HomePlug IEEE 802.3,

USB to RJ-45 LAN Fast Ethernet Adapter Lanberg

Specification – Connector: USB-A 2.0 male, RJ-45 female – Chipset: RTL8152B Data transfer rate – Ethernet up to 10 Mb/s

USB to RJ-45 LAN USB3.0 to 2.5G Ethernet Adapter Choetech

Features – Flash Speed and Stable Connection: USB C to gigabit ethernet adapter carry up to 2.5 Gbps ethernet speed